Food paper – parchment imitation

Sub-parchment, grease-resistant and siliconized paper

The sub-parchment is a breathable paper made of 100% cellulose, with limited fat permeability and high mechanical strength.

It is designed for serving cakes, pastries and other confectionery products, has proven itself well for packaging fast food products, is used for lining boxes for food products, it can also be laid on a baking sheet in ovens to dry products with low humidity.

Grease–resistant paper is paper coated on both sides with a special waxed grease-resistant coating. It is used for manual and automatic packaging of food products with a low fat and moisture content, as well as as a substrate for trays.

It has wide possibilities for applying flexo and gravure printing, which allows it to be used in the manufacture of paper packaging for fast food: substrates, tissues, bags, various wrappers (for grilled chickens, fried potatoes, popcorn, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.).

Siliconized paper is a special paper based on parchment, covered on both sides with a thin layer of food grade silicone, which has excellent fat-, moisture-proof and non-stick properties.

The paper is used for baking and cooking, is used in a gas and electric oven, in a microwave and in a frying pan, allows you to roll out thin blanks of culinary products directly on a sheet and immediately transfer to the oven. It is well removed from baking, is reusable (up to 8 cycles), and is also used for storing, packaging and heating products.

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